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#10 – Margaret Knight

The woman who invented paper bags.

Margaret Knight, nicknamed Lady Edison, was a prolific inventor. She received approximately from 27 to 87 US patents.

Margaret Knight's inventions include a device for weaving machines, the internal combustion engine, the machine that produced paper bags - the same packages that are in America today! All this has been patented between 1902 and 1915. She received Decoration of the Royal Legion of Honour by Queen Victoria in 1871 and became a part of the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2006.

10 Things Created by Women That Changed the World!

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#9 – Katharine Blodgett

A woman who invented an invisible glass.

Katharine Blodgett received a master's degree in the University of Chicago in 1918. She became the first female scientist, who took a job at a research lab of General Electric.

She created "invisible" glass, which allowed 99% of the light to pass freely through it and did not give glare. Glass was first used in the Hollywood film industry in 1939. It quickly became popular thanks to its crystal-clear view. Later, scientists have perfected Katharine Blodgett's method of glass creation. Today, glass is often used in telescopes, lenses, car windows, glasses, and picture frames.

10 Things Created by Women That Changed the World!

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#8 – Beer

The woman who invented beer.

We do not know who came up with the first formula of beer. But women were the first brewers, waitresses and sellers of alcohol in society. Beer drinking in a local bar is traditionally associated with bottling by women. Since the dawn of humanity, women are particularly cooked and sold a huge amount of beer. The tradition of brewing beer by women goes back to 7000 years ago, the ancient Mesopotamian and Sumerian civilizations. Women brewed beer, had the only profession which indicated their social status and the protection of the divine goddesses - Ninkasi, Siris and Siduri.

10 Things Created by Women That Changed the World!

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#7 – Tabitha Babbitt

The woman who invented the circular saw.

Shakers were a religious sect of the 18th century. Strict rules in their community were "equality of the sexes." Tabitha Babbitt was among the first people who are credited with creating the circular saw.

The idea came to Babbitt after she saw how men use awkward two-handed saw. She realized that they waste half of their movements. Babbitt's circular saw was first used at the mill in 1813. Nevertheless, being religious shaker, she didn't patent any of her inventions. Three years later two Frenchmen patented circular saw after the discovery of design in documents of shakers.

10 Things Created by Women That Changed the World!


#6 – Monopoly

The woman who invented the monopoly.

It is believed that Monopoly was invented by two designers - Charles Darrow and Elizabeth Magie. At that time, Magie was a writer, comedian, actress, and engineer. Initially Monopoly was used for educational purposes, as a way to demonstrate the economic implications and negative effects of a monopoly on laying the ground and prove the value of the economy, aimed at enriching. In the beginning, it was also used to promote women's rights.

10 Things Created by Women That Changed the World!

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