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#12 – Creative visualization

12 Most High Powered Psychotechnics of our Age!

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Founder: Wallace Holtz

Main books: Wallace Holtz «The Science of Getting Rich», Shakti Gawain «Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life», Nevill Drury «Creative Visualization», etc.

Creative visualization is a method which allows to achieve the desired through the power of thought. If you will think that you are all well - you will be all right if you wait subconsciously troubles - they will surely find you. Upon that creative visualization is aimed solely at yourself - you can not force another person to do anything with this technique. The task of creative visualization is to eliminate the psychological barriers to your goal.

Many famous people, including Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Drew Barrymore and Bill Gates practice Creative visualization.

#11 – Silva Method

12 Most High Powered Psychotechnics of our Age!

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Founder: Jose Silva

Basic Books: Jose Silva "Mind control Silva" Jose Silva, Robert B. Stone, "You - the healer", "Getting help from" the other side "Silva", Ed Bernd Jr. "The development of psychic abilities Silva" etc.

Number of followers: 6,000,000 people from 110 countries

Jose Silva developed this method in 1966. Originally his goal was to improve the academic performance of their children in school, but in the end he began to develop the concept for everyone.

The essence of the method is to reduce the resistance of the human brain. Through meditation, a person can enter into a particular state in which he or she can reprogram brain.

In fact, Silva offers get into your own subconscious mind and remove the bad habits of thought to rewrite even cure diseases.

Silva gained great popularity in the US and English-speaking countries. Even after the death of the founder of the method, the organization Silva International continues to develop this Psychotechnics.

#10 – Transurfing

12 Most High Powered Psychotechnics of our Age!

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Founder: Vadim Zeland

Basic Books: Vadim Zeland "Transurfing reality. Levels 1-5 "," Actor reality "," Forum of Dreams ", etc.

Number of followers: Zeland books translated into more than 20 languages, in 2008 opened a school in Holland Transurfing.

According to Zeland, the world consists of many branches of reality, and which of them people will choose depends on them. Nothing happens by chance, because we are subconsciously choose one or the other way. Transurfing bottom line is the ability to consciously move from one branch to another by the power of thought.

The teaching is extremely popular. Another thing is that passion of Transurfing can be dangerous to humans.

#9 – Simoron

12 Most High Powered Psychotechnics of our Age!

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Founder: Petra and Peter Burlan

Basic Books: Vadim Gurangov, Vladimir Dolokhov "Textbook of luck"

Number of followers: more than 100,000 people

The word "Simoron" means ... nothing. It is entirely invented by Peter and Petra Burlan in 1989, when they created a psycho school who was directed to the disclosure of the innate genius of each person, the release of an infinite range of problem situations and conditions. The main tool of the followers of the school "Simoron" is their imagination.

The founders of scientists believe that teaching people everyday magic. Home School Simoron - learn to dream and to fill their minds well developed, often absurd images.

To date, there is only one official school Simoron - Simoron Burlan-up. The rest were closed because of inconsistency with the authors of the doctrine, which jealously watched over the copyright to the "everyday magic" Simoron.

#8 – The book and the movie 'The Secret'

12 Most High Powered Psychotechnics of our Age!

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Started by Rhonda Byrne

Basic Books: Rhonda Byrne "The Secret"

Number of followers: the book was translated into 40 languages, sold more than 19 million copies

Released in 2006 the movie "The Secret" has become quite well-known not only in the US but also abroad. The film's producer Rhonda Byrne in the wake of the popularity of the film released the same book of quotations. It is the usual story of success, if we close our eyes to the fact that the film and the book are based on the discovery of a method which, according to Byrne, is able to influence the environmental reality.

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