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#7 – Channeling

12 Most High Powered Psychotechnics of our Age!

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Founder: Higher Mind

Main books: Neale Donald Walsch "Conversations with God (unusual dialogue)," Dennis Miller "10 practical steps to find solutions through internal power," Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks, "The Law of Attraction", etc.

Number of followers: Polls have shown that one in ten respondents believe in the American psycho-techniques.

Channeling is a tricky thing. It aims at establishing "the link" between man, medium, and some higher powers, great mind, who knows all and is willing to share this knowledge freely. From the contactee is required only to quickly transfer all heard on the paper or other media. If a person will follow the precepts of the vote over, his life will be happy and light, as it will guide through all the obstacles.

According practicing channeling all the prophets and saints were contactees that the Bible and the Vedas were written with the help of communication with some people of great intelligence, who put them into the heads of the sacred texts.

#6 – Neuro-Linguistic Programming

12 Most High Powered Psychotechnics of our Age!

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Founder: Richard Bandler, John Grinder

Main books: Joseph O'Connor, John Seymour "Introduction to neuro linguistic programming," Manly Palmer Hall "NLP training. Increasing the strength of your abilities."

NLP is called modeling success technology. Many people want to reach the heights in business or, say, in the sport. NLP teaches people to copy the verbal and nonverbal behavior of the people who have been successful in a particular field. Thus, according to the adherents of NLP, a person takes over a part of the success that is inherent in the model follow.

#5 – You Can Heal Your Life

12 Most High Powered Psychotechnics of our Age!

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Started by Louise Hay

Main books: Louise Hay "You Can Heal Your Life", "The path to a healthy life," "Heal Yourself", "The Power Within", etc.

Number of followers: Louise Hay books have been translated into 30 languages. The book "You Can Heal Your Life" was reprinted 110 times in total 50 million copies were sold.

According to Louise Hay, the cause of all our ills lies in ourselves. We are not able to let go of resentment, forgive yourself for any mistakes, and eventually it turns into a psychological and sometimes physiological and disease. The method of Louise Hay to forgive and to dissolve their grievances. Heal mentally, you destroy the source of the disease. According to the author, she first felt the effectiveness of this method, when in 1978 overcame cancer without chemotherapy and the intervention of doctors. However, Louise was not able to confirm that she really was diagnosed with cancer.

#4 – The Teachings of Don Juan

12 Most High Powered Psychotechnics of our Age!

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Started by Carlos Castaneda

Main books: Carlos Castaneda "The Teachings of Don Juan", "A Separate Reality", "Journey to Ixtlan", "Tales of Power", etc.

Number of followers: Probably about 10 million persons.

Carlos Castaneda has become one of the most enigmatic personalities of the XX century. Castaneda tried less to appear in public, do not talk to the press and forbade himself to photograph. His biography has become a target for hoaxes.

The teachings of Carlos Castaneda, in fact, not his teaching. The writer wrote words of a certain "Don Juan," the magician, whom he met in 1960. Castaneda wrote in his books that we see not the world itself, but only a model of the world created by our perception. In creating the picture of the world is involved "assemblage point," the place of the human energy body, through which channels the outside world. Since the location of this point can be changed, there are three types of attention. To achieve the highest, a person needs to achieve perfection, that is to give up the belief in his own immortality, self-importance and self-pity. Way of the Warrior requires dismissal up to erase his personal history.

Teachings Castaneda became very popular in the US, and has generated a large number of critics and imitators.

#3 – Holotropic Breathing

12 Most High Powered Psychotechnics of our Age!

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Founder: Stanislav Grof and Christina Grof

Main books: Stanislav Grof “Regions of the human unconscious”, "Man in the face of death," "Beyond the Brain","Frantic search for yourself," "Holotropic consciousness", etc.

From 50th years of XX century, Stanislav Grof doing research of psychotherapeutic effect of LSD. When in the 70s experimented with psychoactive substances began to deny, he developed a technique that gave effect similar to the effect of LSD. Grof called her holotropic breathing.

Proponents of the method claim that holotropic breathing has on people extremely healing effect. Music and deep breathing person immersed in a meditative state and a half to two hours. Upon awakening "holonaut" relieved as holotropic breath frees the subconscious of accumulated emotions and other psychological "slag."

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