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#9 – Christian Friedrich von Kahlbutz, Germany

13 Most Creepiest Mummies of the World!

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This scary looking body belongs to a German knight, Christian Friedrich von Kahlbutz. According to legend, Kahlbutz was far from chivalrous. He claimed his right to deflower new brides and virgins in his district. When one shepherd's bride refused him, he killed her fiance. Thus, he was taken to court for murder in Dreetz (Brandenburg).

As an aristocrat he could swear an oath of innocence before the court in order to free himself. Kahlbutz did this and was immediately acquitted. At the age of 52 he died and was buried. While the church of Kampehl was being renovated in 1794 the coffins were opened and it was discovered that all of the corpses except that of the Knight Kahlbutz had decayed.

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