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#3 – Tibetans

The Tibetan people have their own history, culture, language and religion, but they do not have the main thing - the state. Tibetans are almost completely located in China. Tibet lost its independence in 1949, when the Chinese "liberated" Tibetans from the imperialists.

The Tibetan government is acting now, but in exile - its headquarters headed by Lobsang Sangay is located in the north of India. The government has its own Constitution - the Charter of the Tibetans is in exile. In 2011 Dalai Lama XIV refused the political authorities and retained the role of the spiritual leader of Tibet.

7 Largest Stateless Nations in the World!

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#2 – Catalans

Catalans along with the Basques are a headache for the Spanish government. The people with a rich culture and traditions declared louder its independence from Spain from year to year. Madrid's reluctance to part with Catalonia is explained by the fact that the latter is today one of the largest industrial and port center of the Kingdom.

7 Largest Stateless Nations in the World!

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#1 – Sikhs

Beginning of the 1980s in India was noted by Sikh separatist movement that set out to create their own state - Khalistan. Sikhs is quite numerous people, numbering more than 20 million man sticking a kind of religion - Sikhism.

Despite the fact that the basis of the Sikh belief is a respect for anyone who lives in the world, extremist movements in Indian cities had a number of major terrorist attacks, during one of which Indira Gandhi was killed. And in 1986 the separatists officially announced the creation of Khalistan.

The Indian government very tough answered to any actions of the separatists, and only over time, the wave of violence has been reduced. Now the Indian government gave the Sikhs a number of rights and freedoms, and allowed religious autonomy, but no more.

7 Largest Stateless Nations in the World!

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