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#3 – Gold Mask

24-carat gold facial mask.

Facial masks are used to maintain the beauty. Basically they contain ingredients such as honey, milk, and other nutrients, but not gold. This is a very expensive mask has been proposed by the Japanese company as a very powerful tool with an antioxidant effect. Today, with a strong desire such a mask can be obtained in any country for $250.

Find Out 13 Craziest Ways to Keep Youth!

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#2 – Hemorrhoids

Remedy for Hemorrhoids.

One of the secrets of supermodels' youth is the use of the drug H under the eyes to fight wrinkles and bags. In fact, this drug, which contains phenylephrine is used to treat hemorrhoids. It is not recommended by experts for frequent use on the face, as the skin may thicken in the application and wrinkles can appear beforehand there.

Find Out 13 Craziest Ways to Keep Youth!

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#1 – Stem Cells

Today the attention of scientists focused on stem cells research that can help the skin to regenerate and redevelop, in addition, to cope with skin diseases, aging and reduce scarring. Theoretically, the effect of using the cream comes in an hour, although the specific studies have not been conducted. Over time, it will be clear whether it is possible to consider the new stem cells as botox.

Find Out 13 Craziest Ways to Keep Youth!

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