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#5 – Frida Kahlo

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo lived and acts contrary to the physical and mental suffering. Frida said that her life had two accidents, one - car accident, after which she remained an invalid, and the second one was Diego Rivera. Frida had a view of the constant betrayal of her husband, to which she had to close her eyes.

Absorption in itself has influenced the character of the art of Frida Kahlo. A self-portrait became her favorite genre, and the painting was full of symbols and fetishes, edged by styling Mexican folk art.

History: 10 Most Odd Women of the XX Century!

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#4 – Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo is called "the most mysterious actress in Hollywood." Her whole life is surrounded by an aura of mystery and paradoxical behavior. Her career was surprisingly violent and short. For some five years, Greta Gustafsson from Sweden simple peasant turned into a femme fatale in Hollywood.

However, Garbo was not the only object of worship, she fell in love too. Her relationship with the handsome young actor, John Gilbert almost led to marriage. But on the eve of the wedding in Sweden her closest friend died. The head of the studio «MGM» Louis B. Mayer didn't let Garbo to go to the funeral, and she did not come to the wedding.

When in 1941, at the zenith of fame Greta Garbo ended the contract with Warner Bros. «MGM», she didn't renew it. Thus a 50-year period of seclusion great actress began.

History: 10 Most Odd Women of the XX Century!

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#3 – Diamanda Galas

"My voice was given to me as a tool of inspiration for my friends and instrument of torture and destruction to my enemies" - this was the motto of the American singer Greek origin Diamanda Galas. A unique range of four octaves allows her to fully demonstrate vocal skills.

Her albums Diamanda committed to people thrown to the periphery of life - prisoners with AIDS, drug addicts and prostitutes.

History: 10 Most Odd Women of the XX Century!

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#2 – Marina Abramovic

Serbian artist Marina Abramovic opened a new world of performance art borders. She created her works "in the confrontation of pain, blood and the physical limits of the body." A sample of creativity - her whole life. So, at age of 14, she played Russian roulette with a gun her mother, broke her nose to force parents to pay for an operation for a year lived with Aborigines in Australia's backyard.

Marina boldly exposed in public, embraces a skeleton, tormenting herself and others, risking her life for the sake of art. In 1997 there was one of the most shocking works of the artist - a performance "Balkan Baroque", in which she used a 1500 cow bones.

History: 10 Most Odd Women of the XX Century!

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#1 – Gloria Steinem

American Gloria Steinem is known as a journalist, politician and member of feminist movements. Her parents relationship that ended in divorce made her think about social injustice. Grown Gloria came to the conclusion that women lack social and political equality.

Sometimes actions of Stein were very extravagant. So, to demonstrate how The New York «Playboy Club» appeal to women, she got hired there as a waitress. Journalist's article was added by a picture of her in "Playboy Bunny" uniform - a corset, bow tie and bunny ears.

History: 10 Most Odd Women of the XX Century!

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