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#10 – Professional Foreigner

If you look presentable, able to keep the conversation and even pretend to be an important person at an event, then you can apply for the position of professional foreigner in China. In this country, the presence of foreign visitors gives any event a special status so that's why this profession is in demand, and it's paid very well: from $1,000 to $1,600 a week. There is nothing required to hold this position besides charisma and the veneer.

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#9 – Professional Cuddler

This profession is a real finding for someone who loves to luxuriate in bed all day long, unless he/she does not mind to share his/her bed with a stranger (in the most, however, innocent sense of the word.)

This business is now in the forefront - as long as there is only 16 companies offering such services. So, if you want to create your own company in this niche - the right time.

Professional cuddler earns an average $80 per hour or $300 per night. No special training or licensing is required.

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#8 – English Teacher in China

Another highly paid profession, which in China can be gotten by any more or less tolerable English speaker. In this country, the need for teachers of English is incredibly high, and requirements to the applicants are really poor.

Many schools are not interested in any experience of teaching, nor the special education. Teachers-foreigners earn in China three times more than their highly skilled local counterparts in the same schools.

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#7 – The Beds Tester in a Hotel

It is not an occupation but a sweet dream! Beds testers often "work" in expensive hotels whose leadership wants to make sure that their guests will have a good rest and will be satisfied with the service. But sometimes, these testers employ travel agents, and then they settle in hotels anonymously, spend the night there, and then report back to their employers on how they slept.

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#6 – Beer Taster

Holding this position, one can not only drink, but drink for free and even get paid for it. However, you need certain skills to hire this position. You must be aware of the intricacies of brewing, be able to identify the unique flavors of the drink and know a sufficient number of terms to describe your feelings. Typically, members of this profession are trained at the breweries.

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