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#13 – Cut Down a Tree

One can cut down a tree with bursts of machine gun.

Regular infantry machine gun cannot cut down the tree because bullets stuck in the tree. Machine gun breaks through the tree, but there is not enough rate of fire. Finally, Cary easily felled logs using multilateral aviation machine gun, which makes 50 shots per second.

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#12 – Destroying the Bridge

Walking up unit can destroy the bridge.

Theoretically, it can be. However, everything depends on the unit and the bridge - or rather, of their sizes.

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#11 – Vacuum

In a vacuum, a hammer and a feather will fall at the same speed.

The famous experiment that many pupils saw in physics lessons in a vacuum tube, destroyers shown in a full-size vacuum chamber.

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#10 – Walk Down the Wall

You can walk down the wall by a rope made of bed sheets.

It is very simple to make a rope from bed sheets and at the same time bed sheets perfectly supported the weight of Grant.

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#9 – Skydivers

Having streamlined posture, the skydiver can catch up the other, who leaped 15 seconds earlier.

In the wind tunnel Destroyers found that in different positions speed of steady drop varies greatly. The instructor let Tory jump first, but then during the next 20 seconds caught up him.

Interesting: 13 Myths Confirmed by "MythBusters"!

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