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#3 – Shark Attack

Нow can survive a shark attack pretended to be dead.

Tory and Grant spent the dangerous stunt, wearing armor, specially designed to withstand the bite of a shark. One of them panicked, the second one laid motionless - sharks were constantly near that man who were in panic. It turns out that lying motionless really you have a chance to survive - at least if people are floundering around there.

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#2 – Goats

If you scare the goat, it faints.

Some goats of the specific meat breed, when they fear, unconsciously straining muscles of the legs and fall. Outwardly, it really looks like a swoon.

Interesting: 13 Myths Confirmed by "MythBusters"!

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#1 – Outrun the Fire

You can outrun the fire, moving along the path of the gunpowder.

The path of the gunpowder was sprinkled on to the plywood floor. Adam moved the fire and broke the track. There enough time remained considering the fact that a brisk walk was enough to outrun the fire.

Interesting: 13 Myths Confirmed by "MythBusters"!

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