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#4 – Immortal Ant on a rubber rope

Top 10 Shocking Paradoxes That Will Put You Into a Dead End!

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Imagine an ant crawling on a rubber rope length of one meter at a rate of one centimeter per second. Also imagine that every second rope stretched over one kilometer. Will an ant reach the end ever?

It seems logical that a normal ant incapable to do it because its velocity is much lower than the speed at which the rope is stretched. However, eventually the ant will reach the opposite end.

When an ant is not even started moving, it is 100% of the rope before it. In a second rope has become much longer, but the ant also went some distance away, and if we consider the percentage, the distance it has to go, decreased - it has less than 100%, albeit slightly.

There is one condition, that the mathematical puzzle could have a solution: the ant has to be immortal. So the ant comes to the end by 2,8 × 1043.429 seconds, a bit longer than the universe exists.

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