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#4 – 87

Seemingly innocuous number 87 is called in Australian cricket "the devil number of cricket." Fans of the sport believe that hand-in after a set of 87 points of the game will take off soon.

The roots of superstition dates back to 1929, when 10-year-old boy Keith Miller watched the game with Donald Bradman, is considered "the best bat" at that time. In that game Donald scored just 87 points, after which he was taken out of the game. After 15 years, when Miller also became a professional cricketer, his partner Ian Johnson, too, once dropped out of the game, gaining exactly 87 points, allowing superstition to gain a foothold.

Top 9 Terrible Numbers From Around the World!

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#3 – 17 Again

In 2014, during seven days, starting with the 17th of the seventh month (July), the aircrafts crashed in Ukraine, Mali and Taiwan. Malaysian flight MH17 was shot down at 5 pm (17.00 in 24-hour format), 17 minutes (East of Ukraine). It is noteworthy that the Boeing 777 was operated for exactly 17 years (July 17, 1997 to July 17, 2014).

In the same month, an Indian military helicopter were flying over Taiwan, and crashed at 5 pm (17.00 in 24-hour format), 7 minutes. 7 passengers died in the accident.

Earlier, 7th of July, 2014, the Mi-171 helicopter, used by Vietnamese soldiers, crashed at 5 pm (17.00 in 24-hour format) and 37 minutes.

Top 9 Terrible Numbers From Around the World!

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#2 – 26

26 is an unlucky number in India. The devastating earthquake in Gujarat is dated January 26, 2001, due to it 20 thousand people died.

December 26, 2004 a powerful tsunami killed nearly 230,000 people.

May 26, 2007 a powerful bomb exploded in the north-east of India in Guwahati.

26 July 2008 a bomb exploded in Ahmedabad. Finally, exactly 5 months, 26 November of the same year in India, followed by a series of bloody terrorist attacks.

Top 9 Terrible Numbers From Around the World!

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#1 – 191

Since the sixties of the last century five different aircrafts with a 191 flight number crashed.

In 1967, in America an airplane X-15 crashed, which made 191st experimental flight. Surprisingly, this crash was the only one in the history of the use of the X-15.

Air Flight 191 crashed in Prin "Mercedita" airport (Puerto Rico) in April 1972. In 1985, tragedy has overtaken ship Delta Airlines Flight, which also made the 191st flight. It crashed when landing in Dallas. 137 people died.

In 1979 in the United States, nearly taking off from Chicago's O'Hare Airport, passenger plane crashed. All 273 people died. The number of flight was 191.

Top 9 Terrible Numbers From Around the World!

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