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#6 – Carnac, Brittany, France

It seems endless labyrinth of ritualistic structures of stones, creating intricate patterns, complying with its laws and driving the uninitiated minds crazy. It is estimated that there are about four thousand of such people, divided into three groups, although it is believed that they were a single entity at one time.

It seems that stones offer to everyone a kind of quest - if you reach the tomb called "Kercado" starting from the southern tip with a mound over it - you're lucky. You'll have fame, money, and happiness in personal life. If no - time will show. Some people, like the old-timers say, wander through the winding paths of the rays eternally surly Breton sun.

Buildings, according to scientists, have an age of about 5,000 years.

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#5 – Delphi, Greece

Once in the city of the Gulf of Corinth on the slopes of Mount Parnassus people came from all over Greece. And not just so, but to consult with oracul of an ancient world.

It all started with the fact that Apollo killed the wise, but the evil serpent Python, and substituted it with his own priestess Pythia. She easy went into a trance, muttering incoherently, and specially trained priests interpreted the "message of the gods." But in 398 AD. Christian emperor Arkady came there, but not alone, but with an army, and annulled the sanctuary. Fortunately, Delphi themselves were not damaged, but was only neglected.

Visitors of this place even today have visionary ability.

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#4 – Hvitserkur, Hoonah, Iceland

Hvitserkur translated from Icelandic means "white shirt" - such a name was given to a rock-crystal "monster" on the shores of the Gulf desert because of the hundreds of snow seagulls sitting on it in the morning.

This place has always attracted local residents. Icelanders believed that through it the time and space funneling directly into Valhalla - the residence of the gods and heaven of ancient Vikings. Therefore Hvitserkur grants wishes, especially if you make them at the time of the aurora borealis, which happens here five times higher (estimated!) than in other polar regions.

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#3 – Dracula's Castle, Bran, Romania

Bran Castle is located on a hill in the mountainous part of southern Transylvania. It's better known as Dracula's Castle. In the XIV century it was conceived as a system for protection against the ubiquitous Turkish conquerors. But as a result of palace coups it became a personal residence of the ruler Vlad Tepes, which thanks to the mystical novels in Europe called the Count Dracula.

He impaled people, skinned them, cooked them in boiling water, and drink blood of the victims.

Travel: 12 Most Mysterious Sites of Europe!

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#2 – Gruyere, Switzerland

This picturesque country is called home to witches. Of course, everything's relative, but there are more servants of Satan in the unit of the population here than in the whole Europe.

Gruyere mountain and the eponymous town with the Black Tower and the monastery of the Black Madonna are the same as almost five hundred years ago. As then, the full moon you can take a ritual bath in the alpine lake with torches and strings of ancient spells to hear from the mouth of the nuns.

Travel: 12 Most Mysterious Sites of Europe!

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#1 – Rock of Cashel, Tipperary, Ireland

Literally from Gaelic this name translated as "stone cake." Nothing is more intimidating and causing terror in the mystical Emerald Isle fail to find.

They say there Green Lady dwells - woman of a magic beauty in long elegant dress. This is believed to Elizabeth Connor, the daughter of one of the owners. Ostensibly Green Lady is so sad that at a meeting with her man is embraced with the deepest sadness that can grow into a melancholy fatal outcome...

Travel: 12 Most Mysterious Sites of Europe!

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