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#2 – Queen Margot

Interesting: 12 Most Fatal Women in History!

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Queen Margot is a lovely lady of the Renaissance. She was beautiful, intelligent, educated and humorous.

She was a wife of Henri de Bourbon, and their union had to hold together two French royal houses, and ease the tension between the Catholics and the Huguenots. At the wedding, held in the Parisian cathedral of Notre Dame, the groom was forced to stand outside because he was not a Catholic. Six days later, Catholics begun to cut the Huguenots in protest.

#1 – Empress Dowager Cixi

Interesting: 12 Most Fatal Women in History!

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Cixi had a reputation for beauty, lively character was complemented to its typical Manchu appearance. Being a concubine of the fifth, the lowest rank, she managed to become the Empress of China.

During opium wars Emperor Qian and Cixi fled the province for fear of persecution of the enemy. There was an accident with the Xiangfen in which Cixi is accused. While walking around the lake, Xianfeng transplanted into the boat of Cixi and "accidentally" fell into the water. Then he fell ill and died.

Since then, the Cixi becomes a regent of Tongzhi. In 1837 Tongzhi died (murder was organized by Cixi) and she became the sole ruler of the Chinese Empire.

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