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#5 – Blood

Until the 1990s, the Chinese blood market wasn't almost handled, and as a result, China faced the threat of HIV infection. In 1997, when the number of HIV-infected Chinese has exceeded 800,000, the government finally took drastic measures against the sale of blood. The new regulations imposed more stringent restrictions on blood donation. This has led to acute shortages of blood. To encourage donations, many hospitals now require patients a certificate stating that they donated blood in the past.

10 Things Stocks of Which Can Suddenly Run Down!

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#4 – Doctors

Many countries, including the United States with their advanced medicine, lack of doctors. So, according to forecasts, by 2025 the US will come short of 50-90 thousand specialists. And if you are relying on online self-test, prepare for the fact that you also have to do surgery be yourself. The deficit will cover all of the medical industry, from family doctors and dentists to surgeons and oncologists. There plenty reasons of that: from increasing the number of population and the growth in the number of various diseases to the increasing costs on training of the doctors.

10 Things Stocks of Which Can Suddenly Run Down!

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#3 – Bricks

Five years ago, when the world was experiencing an economic crisis, Britain was faced with the collapse of the real estate market. This led to a huge surplus of unsold bricks - 1.2 billion pieces, to be exact. Across the country, brick factories were being closed. Now there is not enough materials in England. British builders had to postpone the work for about 4 months - until they are able to get burnt clay bricks necessary for the construction of new homes.

10 Things Stocks of Which Can Suddenly Run Down!

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#2 – Water

How something that covers more than 71% of the earth's surface can dry out? But if you estimate that 96% of all water resources of the Earth - is salt water, the prospect of a worldwide thirst no longer seems so unreal. Nearly 1.2 billion people on the planet do not have access to water. Another 1.6 billion - that is a quarter of the world's population - live in areas where water is so small that it is impossible to build a water supply system. By 2025, almost two-thirds of people in the world may be a shortage or lack of water.

10 Things Stocks of Which Can Suddenly Run Down!

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#1 – High-Quality Bourbon

The usual bourbon is kept in barrels from 2 to 4 years, good bourbon - up to 20 years. But, unfortunately, 20 years ago, this drink was not very popular, but recently it has again become fashionable, partly because TV series like "Mad Men." Over the past 10 years the demand for whiskey and bourbon grew by almost 70%, leading to a shortage of high-quality varieties of alcohol.

10 Things Stocks of Which Can Suddenly Run Down!

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