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#10 – Nadezhda Krupskaya

"Wife and advisor to V.I. Lenin" - this status secured for Nadezhda Krupskaya. She was a self-sufficient person actively engaged in literary, educational and social activities.

Krupskaya had no children. She was sick horrible autoimmune disease - Graves' disease.

Contact Lenin with Inessa Armand was perceived granted by Krupskaya. She gave the spouse freedom and maintained cordial relations with his mistress.

Activities of Krupskaya after Lenin's death left a mixed impression. On the one hand she was trying to obstruct the establishment of the command-administrative system, and on the other hand - to sign a document, to initiate the trial of former associates.

History: 10 Most Odd Women of the XX Century!

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#9 – Gudrun Ensslin

Gudrun Ensslin, is a member of the post-war generation, for whom fascism was the shame of the German nation. She had seen "Hidden Fascism" in the government of Germany, so she has decided to wage a merciless war.

Enslin combined the conflicting traits. On the one hand, she was a staunch pacifist, and on the other - a supporter of terrorist acts.

While Gudrun with fellows from leftist "Red Army Faction" rob banks to make money on the weapon - there were compassionates, but when terrorists carried out a series of bombings, which have resulted in dozens of casualties - a society convulsed.

In 1969 after one of the attacks, Gudrun was arrested with two accomplices jailed. In 1977, she was found hanged in her ward.

History: 10 Most Odd Women of the XX Century!


#8 – Mata Hari

Life of Mata Hari was a consuming desire for fame and luxury. At first a dancer, then a spy she step by step achieved her goals.

Usual history of divorced women was replaced by the legend of the Indian heir to the throne: it was so convincing that no one doubted the truth of royal descent of courtesan.

She surprisingly easy captivated most powerful, famous and wealthy men. Men suffered because of she - from the composer Jules Massenet who tried to commit suicide to the German Crown Prince Wilhelm, whose was in time brought down to the earth by Emperor.

Mata Hari summed up the desire to serve two masters. France accused her of spying for Germany, and the former "Queen of Dance" has been sentenced to death.

History: 10 Most Odd Women of the XX Century!

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#7 – Princess Diana

According to a survey conducted by BBC Lady Diana took third place in the list of one hundred greatest Britons in history. Princess Diana did not fit into the usual canons of the wife of the heir to the throne. Its peacemaking and charitable activities, personal qualities were a model for admiration and imitation. But excessive hype created by the media around the life of the Princess of Wales contributed to the formation of several detached from reality, romantic appearance, but it was the cause of the mysterious deaths of creating perhaps the image of a martyr.

History: 10 Most Odd Women of the XX Century!

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#6 – Vanga

The name of Vanga evokes now conflicting reactions. On the one hand, she has facilitated the life of a lot of suffering people, on the other hand - many of her prophecies have not come true.

Vangelia started to demonstrate her strangeness at an early age, for example, hiding the items, and then trying to find them. Soon, Vanga, according to her words, was attended by "the mysterious rider", which opened her ability of clairvoyance.

History: 10 Most Odd Women of the XX Century!

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