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#4 – The Pole of Cold and Fire Mountain

The Pole of Cold, Verkhoyansk, Russia

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In cold taiga, at a distance of 4,800 kilometers east of Moscow, in the depths of Siberia, there is a town of Verkhoyansk. The lowest temperature -67,6°C was recorded there in February 1892. It is the oldest town in the Arctic Circle, with a population of only 1,173. Verkhoyansk is the coldest city in the world, the so-called the pole of cold. It is difficult to argue, considering that from September to March the sun lights the town less than five hours a day, and winter temperature rarely rises above -40°C.

Fire Mountain: Mount Merapi, Indonesia

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The largest active volcano in Indonesia on the island of Java continues to smolder dangerously even during the most peaceful periods. Smoke from the Fire Mountain rises to a height of 3 kilometers. During the eruption of Mount Merapi in 1974 two villages were destroyed, several deaths of tourists and volcanologists, whose graves can be found right on the volcano, were recorded there. In 2010, during the next eruption, 350,000 people were evacuated and 353 people were killed.

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