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#2 – Ephemeral Islands and The world capital of hurricanes

Ephemeral Islands: Maldives

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10% of the territory of the Republic of Maldives is a chain of 20 atolls, consisting of 1,192 coral islands became uninhabitable after the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 that killed more than 80 people and dishoused a third of the population. Moreover, Maldives can completely submerge in a few decades, as currently none of the islands rise above sea level by more than 2 meters.

The world capital of hurricanes: Grand Cayman

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Located in the Caribbean Sea, about 240 km south of Cuba, Cayman Islands are considered a tropical paradise. Many tourists come to the Caribbean for the sake of unspoilt beaches and diving. However, Grand Cayman, the largest of the three islands, became known as the world capital of hurricanes, because it suffers from devastating floods in average every 2.16 years - more than any other area in the Atlantic Ocean. Raged here in 2004, Hurricane Ivan destroyed nearly 80% of all structures on the island and left 40,000 residents without electricity and water for several days.

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