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#10 – Essex Collapse

10 Stories: On the Verge of Life and Death!

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In 1820, a whaler "Essex" was attacked by sperm whale. The vessel sank. A team of 20 people managed to get over to the boat, taking with themselves supplies of food and fresh water for two days. The provision was stretched for a couple of weeks. After the freshwater resources finished, sailors rinsed their mouths with sea water and drunk their own urine. the The uninhabited island appeared when the team was on the verge of death from thirst.

Crew members decided to resume sailing in search of a new island. But food reserves were too small for such a long journey and one by one the sailors begun to die. In order to survive, the remaining members of the crew decided to eat the bodies of their dead comrades. 8 people were rescued by whaler.

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