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#9 – Jose Salvador Alvarenga

10 Stories: On the Verge of Life and Death!

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In December 2012 boat fisherman Jose Salvador Alvarenga got into a violent storm. Jose, along with 15-year-old son of his friend swept into the open ocean. Radio and motor boat broke down, and all that remained to fishermen, is to try to survive and hope that they will find. They eat fish, sea turtles, in their own blood and rainwater. The body boys could not resist such a diet, and 4 months later he died. Jose boat drifted for a long time in the ocean, until he came to shore - ship issued to Marshall Islands. Locals took Jose, the capital, from where he was sent home to Mexico. After the return of Jose partially lost his memory, and a number of issues related to its survival, and remains unanswered.

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