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#7 – Palestinians

Recent genetic studies indicate a high similarity of the genotype of the Palestinians and the Jews. Officially, the State of Palestine does not exist, although it has been recognized by the majority of UN member states. USA, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Norway, and other countries argue that the creation of a Palestinian state can only be in the case of direct talks with Israel, but it doesn't hurry with the recognition of the sovereignty of its neighbors.

7 Largest Stateless Nations in the World!

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#6 – Basques

Basques is one of the most ancient peoples of Europe. In particular genetics have identified that a significant part of the Spanish, Portuguese, French, English, and Irish have common roots with modern Basques.

At the end of the Franco dictatorship among the Basque underground organization Euskadi Ta Askatasuna arose, known as ETA. The most effective means to recognize the independence of members of the ETA terrorist attacks and armed considered blackmail. Basque Regional Government firmly dissociates itself from terrorists, but at the same time, inspired by the example of Kosovo, directs all its efforts on the creation of their own state.

7 Largest Stateless Nations in the World!

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#5 – Kurds

Iranian peoples Kurds are now living in the ethnic Kurdistan geographical area covering the territory of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. In total, 38 million Kurds live in the world including the diasporas. Interestingly, Kurdistan has been recognized as an independent state by the international Court of Arbitration in 1920. But political realities have appeared for the Kurds not so rosy - national autonomy has remained on paper.

7 Largest Stateless Nations in the World!

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#4 – The Gypsies

Roma is an ethnic group living mainly in Europe, although a considerable number of Roma to date and resettled in the Americas. In the world there are about 10 millions of Roma. Interestingly, according to linguistic and genetic studies ancestors of the Roma left the territory of India, in an amount which didn't exceed 1,000 people.

7 Largest Stateless Nations in the World!

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